7 Secrets to make your business cards stand out!

At networking events and exhibitions your clients will be handed potentially 100′s of business cards. How do you make sure your’s stand out in the pile and more importantly, result in a sale?

1) Include a Photo
Adding a photo to your business cards is a great way of making you more memorable. If potential clients can put a face to a name, they are more likely to make an inquiry. It’s also much more personal. Just make sure it’s a head-and-shoulders shot, with you are smiling and looking professional.

2) Change the Shape

Changing the shape of your business cards is another simple way to make them stand out. Flipping them so they are portrait instead of landscape is a simple but effective change. If your business cards are just a little bit different, you increase your chances of getting an enquiry.

3) QR Codes

QR, or quick response, codes are big news and including these on your business cards would be a smart move. As increasing numbers of people own a smart phone, this is a great way to show that you’re a modern business. They’re also great for offering a little extra something like a free download.

4) Die Cutting
Change your business card design by die cutting them into the shape of your logo or product. This makes them completely unique and memorable. While space on the card may be restricted, they will help get your message across in a flash.

5) Change the Material
Rather than sticking to traditional paper or card, create a one-off and memorable contact card by changing the material. Consider plastic for a long lasting card that will give an added dimension to your cards. Make sure they fit with your products and company ethics.

6) Colour vs. Greyscale
Incorporating your brand identity into your cards is vital, so if you’re big on colour repeat this in your cards. Bright colours will help cards pack a punch. Greyscale cards also work as well, creating a professional look and feel.

7) Call to Action
Don’t forget the all important call to action. If your card catches your clients’ eye, make sure they know how to contact you. Offer multiple channels such as a telephone number, email, website URL, and social media addresses.

These simple additions to a business card can make the world of difference, and help your company stand out from the competition.
Business cards are still a hugely important marketing tool, make sure you’re making the most of them.

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