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August 19, 2016

We’ve Always Been Goodfellas

When I was young, my father wanted me to join the family business. “Little Leon” he said, “You will be a Mafiosi one day, and the people will call you Godfather. Bambino, come learn about your destiny – sit on papa’s knee!” And I looked at papa, and replied: “Dad, I’m 22 and you’re a quantity surveyor. You’ve got to stop the Mafia stuff or they’ll kick you out of Rotary!.”

And yet, as I carved out First Image’s territory on the mean streets of Coventry, I learned that my beloved papa, Don Derek, was right.

I recruited like-minded capos. Stand-up guys who put the squeeze on lousy branding and design: Social Tony, who makes search results sing like a canary; Slim Pauly, our inside man for bella artwork; Marky Blue Eyes, who runs our marketing capers like clockwork.

Now, our Design Mafia is going big time.

We’ve muscled in on new territory on the East Side, setting up in a swanky new Bromsgrove joint.* And I want our good friends to know that your problems are our problems. One word from me, Don Coppoleone, is all it takes to make those problems disappear.

Other design mobs? They’re running a racket! They shake you down for a big piece of the action, then stiff you on results. Not the Design Mafia.

When you have a marketing problem, we’ll make sure it sleeps with the fishes.

Don Coppoleone

* Psst! Just between you and us, we’re holed-up at Little Farm, 116 Cottage Lane, Marlbrook, Bromsgrove, B60 1DT. It’s the perfect location because it looks like a respectable, classy place from the outside. And to be honest, it also looks like a respectable classy place from the inside. Whaddya expect? (Wiseguys have high standards too ya know.)