Our web design process

Our Process

In order to ensure a smooth and stress free experience and to make sure we fully understand and meet your requirements we follow a simple 10 step process for our web projects.

  1. Contact Us – you can contact us by phone on 024 7685 5950, on email at info@first-image.co.uk or send us a message via our contact page to let us know what you’d like and what you hope to achieve from your website.
  2. Discuss Details – after our initial contact we’ll arrange a meeting at a suitable time to discuss in more detail what you hope to achieve and to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Design Brief – either during the meeting or after we’ll go through the design brief. This helps us establish exactly what you want to get out of the website and gives us all of the information we need to build your perfect website.
  4. Homepage Design – once we know what your requirements are we’ll go head and design you a homepage based on the details of the design brief. This will establish the look and feel of the website.
  5. Homepage sign-off – we’ll then present you with the homepage design. If you have any changes you’d like to make to the design we can carry these out for you and present you back the amended version. Once you’re happy we’ll just need an email to confirm you’re happy with the design. We’ll also require any content you have for the web pages.
  6. We develop the website – once we have the homepage sign-off and all the information we need we’ll go ahead and develop the website.
  7. Presentation – once the development is complete we’ll present the site back to you at a time that is convenient and go through the website with you.
  8. Final changes – once you’ve had a chance to look through the website if you do have any final changes you can send these through via email in a single list. We’ll then go and action these for you and let you know once they are complete.
  9. Final sign-off – once the final changes are complete we’ll just need a final email to confirm you’re happy for us to go live with the new site.
  10. Site goes live – we’ll then set the site live on your domain and go through our our final checking process to ensure everything is working correctly. We’ll also go through any relevant training with you so you have the ability to update your website whenever you like.
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