Frequently Asked Questions

“If the moon is made of cheese, what does it taste like?”  Any question isn’t too silly to ask, but we have put the most asked questions on here for you. If you don’t see what you need contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Can you help me with design?

First and foremost we are a design agency, so we can create stunning artwork for you and help with all the creative stuff you need us to. The concept, the copy, the layout, sourcing the photography – It’s all in a day’s work to us.

Can you help me with printing?

We’ve been producing artwork and supplying printing since the mid nineties, and we’re experts in all printing processes, let us manage your print for you to ensure you get back what you expect. Having owned our own presses in the past we know what to watch out for and how to get you a great deal on all your print.

Why should I invest in design?

 There’s a good reason why you should invest in design and it’s measured in one thing. COLD. HARD. CASH.
“Every £100 a business spends on design increases turnover by £225″*
“On average, design savvy businesses increase their market share by 6.3% through using design.”*
*For more details or to read the full survey, visit: www.designcouncil.org.uk

How much do your websites cost?

The cost of a website varies depending on a number of factors. Though our website projects generally start from £2000 and range upwards depending on your needs and differing functionality

Who do you design for?

People just like you. Our clients come from all over the place. Some are big, some are small, some are “extra-medium”. We work with a diverse range of businesses, charities, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. They’ve all got one thing in common. They all have a need – a need to promote an event, an activity or simply themselves.

How much does good design cost?

There’s really two questions here – the first: How much does bad design cost? The answer is sadly, an awful lot. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. People judge you. If you present yourself well, they’ll trust you. If your marketing looks amateur, you’ll turn them off. They’ll make an instant impression of what you’re like to do business with. In this economic climate, we all need to make sure we’re not missing out on valuable opportunities, just because we’re putting potential customers off. The second question is a lot easier and more straightforward to answer you can download our creative services and artwork price guide by clicking this link.

What should I drink with a nice piece of Stilton?

A rich sweet port will bring out the best in your lovely blue cheese.

How can I pay?

We can take your cheque, debit card, or a cash payment. We also take most credit cards (this does incur a 2% surcharge) except American Express.
We require a deposit before we start the design, and the full outstanding balance to be paid on completion before we send any finished artwork to print, or your website goes live.

How do I order?

Easily and fuss free! Just e-mail, call or arrange to visit us and we can set up your order in a few minutes for you.

How do I know I'm getting good value?

Quite simply, we’re not like any other design or print agency you’ve ever dealt with. Our printing facilities are ultra-efficient. They produce massive economies of scale, simply not available on the high street. This means we can pass the savings directly on to you in the form of low prices.
It’s really simple, yet incredibly effective.