Flying high with Radford Academy

We’re delighted to have recently completed the new identity and website for the Radford Primary Academy.

The new identity and subsequent brand guidelines that have been created will help ensure the academy is correctly represented and help to maintain the high standards of the academy as a whole. It will also create a unified image, mark the transition to it becoming an academy, as well as helping to facilitate consistent communication in the future.

Radford Primary SchoolThe school was actually the site of the first flight of the siskin aircraft. This connection with aviation history provided the inspiration for the new identity. With this in mind we came up with the strapline “High Flyers” which represents the high aspirations and excellent standards the school embodies.

As with any school its branding and identity affects everyone from the children through to its staff and parents. Therefore it was important for everyone to be involved in the process and let the children, staff and parents choose their own logo design.

First of all the children were asked to design a new logo for the school, based on the plane theme, and we received some very creative initial ideas, three of which were fine tuned, shortlisted, and presented on the website. The votes were counted and the winning logo was chosen. Which then allowed us to develop the brand identity.

We’re very proud to announce the launch of the new responsive Radford Primary Academy School website. This again forms an integral part to the schools identity as well as being a valuable resource for all the staff, pupils and parents.

The project has been both fascinating and a pleasure to be involved with. We’re looking forward to working with Radford Academy again going forward and watching them continue to fly high in the future.

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