Getting the most from your new website

April 22, 2013

Getting the most from your new website

Getting a website is a bit like getting married. You’ve got to work at the relationship, otherwise it’s gonna go stale. As with most things, you get out what you put in. If you put it live and neglect it, you’re wasting an opportunity.

Every website we sell comes with access to your business dashboard. Use it to keep your website up-to-date and fresh. Add news, events or case studies. Update photos, products and prices. The secret of a great website is not such a great secret. Keep it relevant and up to date and you’re half way there. The more up to date your content is, the more search engines will like your site.

1. Keep it relevant
If you want to sell dog flaps, make sure your site mentions “dog flaps” in the text. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how frequently sites miss this. Think about all the relevant words and phrases that a potential customer might be interested in and make sure your website contains them in the text or links.

2. Keep it up to date
Old news is bad news. Search engines take notice of how often you update pages, and are more likely to show results from sites which have been updated recently than years ago.

3. Make it useful
Think about what information people need and make sure you cover it. Your opening times or driving directions to your location. Product data sheets or dimensions.

4. Work the forums
There are hundreds of discussion forums and bulletin boards, covering every possible area of interest. Find a couple which are relevant to your business and post replies to topics you’re knowledgable about.

5. Use it offline
Stick your web address on your stationery, on your signage, on carrier bags, on your vans. Make sure your existing customers know you’ve got a site.

6. Optimise your site
Your new website (if done by us) comes with some great search engine optimisation tools, make sure you take advantage of these and boost your visibility.

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