Brand Identity

Lawton Tube Co.

The Lawton Tube Company are the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of copper tube. The company was founded in 1918 and is still family owned today and managed by the fourth generation of the Lawton family. They supply copper tubes, coils, degreased medical fittings, refrigeration fittings and tubes for plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, medical gas installations, automotive braking circuits copper brake pipe) and a host of other engineering applications.

The Problem

Initially, Lawton did have a logo: a circular design featuring a copper coloured “LT” to represent jointed pipes. The thing is, the company wasn’t always using this logo. It didn’t appear on the business cards for example.

The firm’s full name is The Lawton Tube Company Limited, although it is known as ‘Lawton Tubes’ for short. The shorter name wasn’t being used much on marketing material either. The full length name is just too long-winded to work as a brand.

There was another issue. The company has four distinct market segments: Plumbing, ACR (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) Medical and Engineering. Each of these segments is a sub brand, but the company did not have any way of defining each one and tying everything together.

The Solution

Hopefully you like what we did with the preexisting logo – it’s been refined, with depth and shade added. We think it now looks more tangible and impactful. Do you agree?

That works well as a brand mark, but we wanted to make the word LAWTON the main logo. As you can see, it’s been rescued from having to exist in boring old Times Roman and turned into a proper typographical logo. Do you now feel that Lawton is something you will recognise when you see it again?

The overall Lawton brand has the subtitle ‘Tubes’ in a copper coloured tab. This element changes colour to define the sub brand. Plumbing is blue, air conditioning is green and medical is red. This makes it much easier to depict the various sub brands and identify sections of brochures, web pages etc by emphasising the colour for that segment.

The Result

Lawton now have a fresh, up to date visual brand that serves a practical purpose in helping the company show the variety of market segments for which it caters. Now, everything from stationery to product packaging to the company’s fleet of lorries is instantly recognisable as being part of the Lawton brand.


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