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logo design

If you need logo design and branding as part of your project, First Image can help with our creative arm, the Design Mafia. They will deal with all your creative needs.

The Design Mafia at First Image provide great logo design and branding to companies of every size, all across the Midlands.

We know that a smart cookie like you wants to make a good impression, too. You need everyone to know your name, and exactly how important you are. (Hey, street cred is a good thing! Your reputation matters.)

But what do your current visuals aren’t making enough of a splash?

You think bigger. You think classier.

That’s where Design Mafia’s branding services come into play.

Your Branding Matters

Just look at the big boys& girls, who take their logos and their brands very seriously indeed. The companies with great reps, and a big presence on the street. Would they shell out on logo design, if it didn’t help them bring in the big bucks? Would they invest in their branding without a big payoff? No way!

Now, we’re gonna let you in on a secret: you don’t have to be a big cheese to get the benefits. Lots of smart players, running outfits of every size, trust the The Design Mafia to give them great logos and branding.

You can take a look at our work for them, right here in our portfolio.


Budget logo Identity

£249realising your concept

  • consultation session
  • 2 hours design time
  • minimum 2 logo ideas
  • 1 hour fine tuning
  • professional design

Premium logo Identity

£499from concept to visualisation

  • consultation session
  • research & development time
  • 3 hours design time
  • minimum 4 logo ideas
  • 1 hour fine tuning

Brand Identity Package

£999build your brand

  • premium logo identity package
  • stationery artwork package
  • vehicle livery/design
  • internal document templates
  • brand identity guideline pdf

Free Consultation
And because we’re generous to our friends, we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse: a free branding consultation.

Our wiseguys will explain how The Design Mafia can help improve your branding in every area you need – from logo design to signage, and everything in-between.

To get it there’s only one thing you need to do:

Pick up the blower, and dial Don Coppoleone on his hotline 0121 445 6491.
Or, you can send the Don an email at branding-consultation@first-image.co.uk

The-Design-Mafia-Logo, Bromsgrove