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Nationwide Energy Consultants Ltd.

Nationwide Energy Consultants are a family owned B2B energy broker, that has been trading since 2001. They work mainly in the hospitality sector, helping businesses keep their bills and energy consumption down and making sure their utilities are taken care of. A print client of ours since 2006 we had worked solely on print designs for them until this website design and rebranding project.


The Problem

They felt that their existing logo and website was looking tired and dated and no longer gave the correct impression to their customers. Their old website had some functionality issues, didn’t work on different devices and was in need of thorough modernisation.  They took the opportunity to overhaul their whole look, making all of their branding and marketing cohesive and fresh.

The Solution

We started by giving their logo a facelift, keeping the original concept and similar colours, but making it up to date by using contemporary typefaces. We also made their logo mark a flat colour to make it look more current. Revamping the logo this way meant it kept the essence of who they were before, so it wouldn’t alienate current customers, but gave them something more contemporary moving forward. Different versions of the logo were made to work on light and dark backgrounds, increasing its versatility. Once the logo and brand colours were complete, we moved onto their website.

We rebuilt the website from scratch, making it fully responsive with large splash images, block brand colours, and clear navigation. We increased functionality, allowing Nationwide Energy to collect leads as well as enabling existing customers to become more self-serving by entering their own meter readings if they wanted to. We increased the amount of calls to action, and made their contact form comprehensive and easy to find. We also made sure that they conformed to the new GDPR and privacy policy laws.

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" I have been working with First Image for over 12 years for all our printing needs and now our websites.
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Dean O'hara
Nationwide Energy