Mountney Ltd

Mountney is a tier one B2B supplier providing car accessories to the motor trade and associated retailers such as Halfords and Go Outdoors.

The problem

Mountney’s existing site was low on functionality. The menu system for finding products was also quite complex, with the user having to drill down through several sub menus to find the item they wanted.

The client felt they were missing out on sales and awareness-building because trade customers did not know about all of the products available to them.

How First Image helped

The company actually has four distinct brands within its range, so we made sure each of these has its own clear identity on the homepage.

When the user clicks on one of the four product lines (Summit, Gmax, RaceX or Mountney Classic), they can see a full list of every type of product available under the respective brand.

We have also created a search facility, enabling users to search the entire database of products by keywords.

End result

“First Image have transformed our web presence and, as a result, our phone ordering process for trade clients”, says Andy Williamson, M.D. at Mountney Ltd. “Previously there wasn’t a clear demarcation between our four sub brands. Now, they are clearly visible and it’s much easier for customers to find what they are looking for. The menus are clear and very simple to use.

“The site holds our entire database and the product search facility is very powerful. It means customers can locate the exact part they’re looking for and know its part code before they call to place an order. This in turn saves a lot of time for our staff on the phone.

“We know from our Google stats that a lot more people are using the site than before”.

Does your website have the functionality and mobile compatibility to make it easy for visitors to find what they want? Is it making full use of your product data? It might be a good reason to talk to us.

Project description

Mountney Ltd. manufacture, source and distribute motor accessories to the motor and allied trades. They needed an online solution which helped their clients understand the breadth of product lines they could deliver and not just the products particular clients knew them for. We built a site that integrates four brands into one and covers everything from mirror glass to cycle carriers and everything in-between.

Project details

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