So what is a responsive website?

lawton tubes responsive website
You may have heard the term responsive being mentioned quite a lot when it comes to web design but do you actually know what having a responsive site actually means? Well I’ll tell you.

Put simply a responsive site is a website that adjusts depending on what device you’re viewing it on. You may think my site loads up ok on my iPad or phone and it may well, but having a truly responsive site means not having to enlarge parts of the site with your fingers and it being built so its as easy to use and navigate as possible no matter what screen size it’s being viewed on (if you grab the corner of your browser and resize it you’ll see how this site adjusts for example).

So why is this needed you may be asking? Well, increasingly the way people view websites and use them is constantly changing and evolving. Gone are the days where to view a website was exclusively the domain of the humble computer. The amount of people who view websites on mobile devices is now around 75% and this figure is only set to increase, so accordingly the way we build websites has to cater for this. It’s now pretty much a standard for any website to be built this way so if yours isn’t yet you may want to ask yourself, is my site really working as well as it could be for my customers? The world of web design is an ever-changing one, we could well be designing sites for watches soon or the next must have gadget.

If you think your site could do with an update we will do a FREE check-up of your current site to see if it’s working on mobiles. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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