The Design Mafia

Need to impress your clients?

The Design Mafia handle all the creative needs at First Image.
We'll make your clients an offer they can't refuse.
Or a Website, Or a Brochure, Hey, whatever you need!

That's the beauty of the Design Mafia: you leave everything in our hands, and let us call in a few favours. Before you know it, we've made you a big shot in almost any media you want. Online Marketing, brochures, annual reports, you got it. Capisce?

The difference between our wiseguys, and rival outfits?
Let's say that we're more organised, and we'll cut you in on the action. And hey, we're connected. Which means that when you need something done right, it's easy for the Design Mafia to have a word with the right people.
Don't worry about it.

Need a product catalogue?
We know some good printers, you'll love them. You want the best advice about marketing materials? Or copywriting and photography? We're in with the top guys. They're a big deal, and they'll get you a great deal because they respect our family.
You get the picture?

Some empty suits have said we seem too 'safe': "Your headquarters are in Cottage Lane, you do work for schools and charities, for respectable companies. It's like you're not Mafiosi at all."

Fuggedaboudit! That's our cover, you cafones!

Only mugs don't use our mob. Smart people? They trust us with ALL their promotional needs, including their branded mugs.
Hey, it is what it is.

Speak to Don Coppoleone in person, and he'll explain exactly what our design enforcers can do to make your brand more respected.
Also, he does a lovely cappuccino and biscotti.
You should come over and try one.


Leon Coppola
Leon CoppolaDon Coppoleone
Don Coppoleone is the family’s Boss. He takes very good care of his friends. So, the next time you have a problem with design or marketing, relax, you’re a good friend of ours! Bada-bing bada-boom, Don Coppoleone will talk to the right people, and make things happen.

Website Wiseguy (or gal) Wanted!
Website Wiseguy (or gal) Wanted!Get on the Family payroll
The Design Mafia is looking for a stand-up guy/gal who’s got the inside track on web design. An ideas man, who can cover all the angles for big WordPress jobs. If you’ve pulled off impressive website capers, and want a piece of the action, ask Don Coppoleone for a seat at the table.

Mark Carver
Mark CarverMarky Blue Eyes
In the marketing business, Marky Blue Eyes is respected by friend and foe alike. You name the racket, he’s got it covered: inbound marketing, online marketing, marketing strategy, the whole baked clam! On the record? This guy loves marketing more than he loves his momma’s home-cooked linguine!